Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Understand, Driving Can Make You Thirsty

Josh and I went to Broken Arrow yesterday, and as it is not a long drive, I did not expect anything blog-worthy to happen. However:

We were waiting behind another pick up to turn left at a rather lengthy red light. After a little while of waiting, the driver of that pick up truck opened the door and got out. We didn't have time to wonder what he was doing before he reached into the bed of his truck, which is apparently where he keeps a cooler of cold ones for just such occasions. Yep, he pulled himself a brewsky out of the ice chest, popped the top, got back in the cab, and went on his way when the light turned green. Awesome.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mysterious Objects

Here is our favorite thrift store find:

What is that? It was $1. We call it the "candle booger."

Another mysterious object is Ada's favorite toy:

It used to be a pig. She took off its legs. And its nose. And its mouth. And its eyes. She's working on an ear. But she loves it.

Aren't you glad my camera is fixed!