Saturday, May 28, 2011


 I may have been a little unsociable this week, but I finished so many projects!  I finished the third quilt in the collection of quilts made from my friend's mother's gardening shirts.  This is for her 10 year old son:

Josh approved it's manliness at each step along the way.  I am especially pleased with the cozy, furry backing.

I finished this quilt for Josh's 11 year old cousin.  It's even kind of (unintentionally) OU colors. 

I finished this quilt for one of Josh's chief residents who has a brand new baby girl:

Every time I closed my eyes for the past couple nights, I saw clusters of circles because of this quilting:

And I even made a hat and a larger-than-anticpated-but-still-loved felt dahlia to put on it.  I've been wearing it all day even though it's almost June. 

Now I have one more week to finish the little leaves quilt I started ages ago so we can ship it to Oklahoma via Josh's dad next weekend.  Here's to renewed motivation!

Friday, May 13, 2011


My friend Laurie at The Corner Slice is a wonderful writer and often uses the theme of confessions to write honest, witty, and heartwarming posts.  So I thought today I would follow her model and offer some confessions of my own:

It's not a secret, but I have neglected the blog.  I think my self-discipline comes in spurts, in blogging and in other parts of life.  I'm a bit sad that my last post was kind of cranky and was on the top of my blog for so long, so I am pleased to solve that today.

I have four quilt tops piled up that are not quilts yet.  I never do that!  I used to be quite responsible, making one or two quilts at a time and finishing them completely before starting another project.  No longer!  I basted all four last weekend, and I have to finish them in the next month so we can deliver them to Oklahoma upon our next visit.  The previously mentioned spurty self-discipline will need to kick into high gear!

I feel indignation toward people who set their bags on the empty seat next to them on a crowded bus.  It's silly of me, they probably would move their bag if someone asked to sit down.

I love spring in Oregon.  I don't think I will ever understand people who tire of the rain.  Spring rain is so pleasant!  And I had forgotten how long spring is here - things bloom for more than two weeks!  We've had at least a solid month of blooming trees, azaleas, rhododendrons, and bulbs and they feed my heart every day.  That said, I also am grateful for spring sunshine.

Every time I see Laurie's blog posts titled "confessions," I get the Glee mashup of the song stuck in my head.  This apparently also applies when I title a post the same way.  I will be tapping my foot to it the rest of the day!