Friday, June 10, 2011

I Made It!

By "it," I mean my deadline, not just the quilt this time.  Josh's dad was in town last weekend, and in order to not have to pay shipping on the quilts I was making for some Oklahoma folk, I wanted to finish them in time to pack them in his car for the trip back.  And I did!  Three of them were posted in my last update, but the crown jewel (read: the most time consuming) has yet to be seen.  Well, voila!

This was my first time doing applique and my first time doing a pieced back - I will definitely do both again.  Also now that the weather is clearing up, I plan on snapping more of my pictures outside.  The colors look so much better in the first picture than the last picture.  I was kind of sad to say goodbye to this one, but I have more projects up my sleeve that will soon get my mind off of this one!