Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Single Life

Josh left me for a month. He went to Oregon to do an FP sub-internship and live with my parents, and eat my mom's cooking, and hang out with my friends. I do get to head out there next weekend, but other than that I won't see him until Thanksgiving in Houston. So now I'm living on my own.
I think I have successfully filled my time so far. I winterized our backyard and went to Oktoberfest with Ashley on Saturday. I've been taking Ada for walks at Woodward Park and working on a couple priority sewing projects. Small group at Dave and Ruth's is awesome on Mondays, and I bet they wouldn't mind if I came by slightly more often than that.

I was a little worried about cooking for one, but I came up with a brilliant solution: soup.
You can make a pot of soup at the beginning of the week, and it can feed one person (who doesn't mind eating the same thing over and over again) for days. Since he had to leave, I'm glad Josh went in the fall because soup in the fall is fantastic. I'm on night three of minestrone right now and I have a pot of chicken tortilla soup planned. I make a mean creamy-turkey soup, and I want to try my hand at butternut squash soup. I had some in Eureka Springs last week (at the Lovin' Oven!) with roasted squash seeds on top, and it was one of the best things ever.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Official Announcement

Oktoberfest is the best Tulsa festival for people watching.

There is one important quality that bumped it over Tulsa State Fair people watching: drunk people are funny. Everyone was everybody's friend; everyone danced the chicken dance; everyone was smiling and chatty - it was great. They had an impressive selection of beer including 3 varieties from Boulevard, Shiner bock, Stella, and a dark lager from that German brand that starts with a W (sorry, it's escaping me now). If you, like me, aren't a big beer drinker, go anyway! Designated Drivers get free water and soda, you can get some bratwurst or strudel, and you can watch (and party with) some of the friendliest, happiest festival-goers in Tulsa.

Best: The guy in the German band whose job it was to yell randomly during the songs. I'm pretty sure he was wearing three sets of suspenders, and yelled excitedly into the mic no matter what song was playing. Also, you can bring your dog!

Worst: A pint is $7, yikes!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Festival Fail

Don't ever go to the Stone Bluff Wine Festival. We went with the Ibanezes this weekend and we all agreed it was awful. First of all, you have to pay $5 per person just for the privilege of standing on their muddy lawn looking at the few things there are to do. You can only look, because each of those things to do charged an additional fee. Other wine festivals that have an entry fee at least give you free food or five free tastings or something. Stone Bluff didn't even provide something to taste from. You had to buy a poorly made, ugly wine glass for $4 and then pay $1 per scanty taste of wine. They probably made more money off of a tasting bottle than they would have just selling it regularly. Also, the volunteers that poured the wine were extra cranky and getting any information out of them about the wines you were tasting was like pulling teeth...from an annoyed buffalo. Yikes!

Finally, in our opinion, the wine was bad. They were all too sickly sweet and syrupy, like when you don't add the appropriate amount of water to your Kool-Aid. Their dryest wine, the Syrah, was okay but is what we usually consider a middle-of-the-road wine. The Terre Rouge tasted like your grandmother's perfume and smelled worse.

If ever you find yourself heading out to Stone Bluff, do yourself a favor, turn left rather than right and visit the Lavender Hills Vineyard instead. They were awesome. We pulled up and they said, "Here are the four wines we are tasting for free today. We even have cups you can use!" Their wines fit our preferences much better, having flavors other than sugar. Their Sweet Red was delicious, not too sweet, and had nice spicy flavors. As the lady said, "You could drink this wine all day. You could get drunk off this wine. I am." Loved her!
Inside their store, they had wine-a-ritas (wine slushies) and gave us generous free samples. Plus, they are also a lavender farm so they had bundles of lavender, soaps, and lotions for sale that all smelled awesome. The Ibanezes bought three bottles of wine, I bought some lavender, and we all left feeling much better about our afternoon.

When Josh and I have our vineyard, we know whose example we'll follow.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Scots vs. Greeks

Two weeks ago we went to the Scottish Games (SGs) and last weekend we went to the Greek Festival. I'm just going to declare right now that Greeks totally win this battle.

The SGs got a little pricy as we had to pay for parking and an entry fee. Not so with the Greeks! (But Susan told me that if you ride your bike in the back way to River Park they let you come in to the SGs without paying).

The park where the SGs were held was waaaaay too big for the little amount they had going on, which made it look sparse and unexciting. They did have a Master-Scotch-Drinker there (really, he's one of five in the world) giving lessons about scotch and tastes for $15 which was easily the best part of the festival. The games were remarkably unexciting. I could only watch people pitch bags of oats and throw telephone poles for so long before I lost interest. There was a herding contest that was pretty cool, though.

There were dancers at both festivals, and they were pretty similar in that there's a lot of fancy foot-work, but not a lot of torso movement. The Greeks totally win this round because the Scottish dancers looked bored while their feet were a-tapping, but the Greek dancers were hooping and hollering and having a great time.

There wasn't much at the Greek Festival aside from food. But let's be honest and say that's why you go to the festival anyway. We didn't try any Scottish food at the SGs because it was all so expensive. That and it was sold state-fair-style along with indian tacos, so it didn't seem very authentic. At the GF you could watch the Greek ladies making your food right there. They had Spinach Pies for $1, Greek Coffee for $1, and Honey Puffs (awesome) 8 for $2 (the lady gave us 10!). The gyros, shish kabobs, and lamb were all more expensive, but totally worth it if you want to spend the money.

Lastly, the Scots may have turned the tables if they didn't discriminate and say only Scottish breed dogs were allowed. We saw that and didn't bring Ada, even though the Scots and Japanese are best friends. Seriously, Japan is the only other country Scotland will allow to call their whisky "Scotch." We didn't bring her, but we should have because I saw Rottweilers in there. Are those Scottish? (No.)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We did two unique Tulsa things these last couple weeks, but as they are not repeatable events, I will not evaluate them in my former fasion:

1. We went to the last game at Driller's Stadium, which is right down the street from our house. It was fun, as much as a baseball game can be. The best part was the countdown to the last time the lights went out at the stadium. Whoever was running the countdown never quite got the rhythm of the crowd. We said, "twenty-nine...ttttttttttwenty-eighttwentyseven...tttttttt" You get the picture. For a while, they stopped the numbers on the screen altogether. Then they came back slower than ever. Then they skipped some numbers. Everyone was cracking up by the time we got to zero. What a send off!

2. We went to Megan and Derek's wedding at Holy Family Cathedral. It turns out that someone there had the Swine Flu, and all Protestants gave a sigh of relief that they weren't allowed to share the communion cup. It was beautiful though - congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Weinkauf!

Otherwise, I've been sewing my little heart out. I finished the baby quilts for my expecting friends and am almost done with a winter jacket. I just have to sew a button-hole, which for some reason I find wholly intimidating. Here is the dinosaur quilt for Devin Burton, Jr (who should be making his debut on Friday):

Adelaide keeps me company while I sew by taking up all the area under my work table:

Yes, she fell asleep with her front and back legs in different directions. Not very ladylike, or vertebrate-like for that matter.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Perfect People

I was in the checkout line of the grocery store when the man behind me with his little daughter complimented me on my hair. I said thank you and turned back to eyeing the silly-but-kind-of-interesting magazine covers thinking that was going to be it. Now, I don't mind talking to strangers so when he started talking on about redheads, I politely returned the conversation. Then he complimented me on my shirt, saying to his daughter, "Isn't orange your favorite color?" Which is fine, but my shirt was definitely yellow. Finally he said this gem: "I think that God needed a way to identify the perfect people in the world, so he gave them red hair."

Hm, I may have agreed with him, but he was a redhead and somewhat of a creeper. There goes that theory.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not Good Enough

A while ago we were visiting some of Josh's friends from school and we brought blackberry cobbler to share. While we were waiting for them to answer their trendy skyrise-apartment door, a guy came out of the place just next to us. He was stumbling by when he stopped, put his face uncomfortably close to the food I was holding, and said, "Duuuuude, are those brownies?!" I told him no, it was blackberry cobbler. He made a disgusted face and said, "Oh, well never mind then."

"Never mind" what, you possibly drunk, fancy apartment dweller? Whether they were brownies or not, they were not for you. You, who oh so rudely denounced my tasty dessert, were not going to get any anyway!

I was a little offended by this stranger. I got over it when he tripped on the carpet on his way down the hall.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pint Nights

Monday is Pint Night at McNellie’s, which means if you order a pint of their featured beer, you get it in a custom glass that you get to keep! Depending on the beer, we’ve spent anywhere from $2-5 on a pint. Josh decided that his med school class should go to every pint night this year - even to last week's that featured Miller High Life (seriously? Out of the hundreds of beers that McNellie’s sells?)! So on Mondays, somewhere between 5 and 7, you can find five or so fourth year medical students (and me) relaxing with a usually tasty pint. You can find a list of the upcoming pints here.

It’s not as crowded as $3 burger nights (Wednesdays. Totally delicious.), so you don’t have to worry about getting there early to make sure to get a seat. Just come when you can, enjoy the company, enjoy the snacks (may I recommend the sweet potato fries?) and if you like, enjoy the beer.

I should probably confess that I don’t drink carbonated beverages, so I usually just have a sip or two of Josh’s pint. But even for weirdos like me, pint night is a good time!

Friday, July 31, 2009

A New Skill

I like to sew. Most of the time I quilt, and that is usually done for friends expecting babies. I discovered the other day that I have an embroidery foot which means I can quilt in pretty patterns instead of just straight lines. I had to get out the old screwdriver and take the fabric feeders off my machine since the cover I have for them doesn't fit. I may have dropped a screw somewhere into the depths of my sewing machine, but it still works fine, and I was able to create this:

And a close up of the flowery design:

Next I have to figure out what pattern to use on the dinosaur quilt I'm piecing. Hmmm.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Admiral Twin

A couple weeks back, Josh took me to the ultimate Tulsa experience: The Admiral Twin Drive In Theater

Once a popular hangout for Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez and the Karate Kid, the Admiral Twin is still open for business and enjoys a sort of landmark status. It costs $7 per person, which is less than the regular old theater, and you get to see not one, but two movies for your ticket. Once there, we backed the truck into a space and used an old battery powered tape deck/radio thing to pick up the theater’s radio frequency. We filled the truck bed with pillows and blankets and were quite comfy during our two movies. A plane flew overhead once or twice making it hard to hear, but that wouldn’t have been a problem if we’d been in our car like most people. As it was, it wasn’t enough to be unpleasant or make us miss anything important.

Best: Cheaper, bigger, and more comfortable (in a truck bed at least) than a boring multiplex.

Worst: Starts after dark (obviously), so you have to stay up pretty late to see both movies.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mid Year Resolution

I want to be a better blogger. My blogging has been sparse and dull lately, and I think I know how to spice it up. Most who know us know that Josh looooooves Tulsa. After living here for a year, I think it’s great too! It has lots of parks and trees, beautiful art deco buildings downtown, and some pretty cool stuff to do. Since this may be our last year here, Josh and I have decided to make the most of the city and do all the “Tulsa” things. I will then post a helpful review of the event, restaurant, or shop on my blog. Helpful to whom? I’ll figure that out later. So without further adieu, I give you:

The Porter Peach Festival

We went on Saturday, July 18, because that was the day they gave away free peaches and ice cream, which were delicious! Porter is only about a half hour drive for us and very easy to get to. The town isn’t quite equipped to handle the influx of traffic for the festival, so the intersections (all stop signs) got rather backed up. We paid $5 to park in the first available yard and walked past all the cars waiting to drive the 3 blocks to closer parking. The festival is pretty small, but the free peaches were delicious, the booths were fun to look at, and they had lots of places to sit and enjoy your fair food. There was a country band playing that was pretty good. Their sound was balanced and everyone was good at their instrument, so it was nice to sit and listen to their cover songs. An hour and a half is plenty of time to see all there is to see and go through the free peaches line (twice).
Best: Free peaches and ice cream, of course! Also, you can bring your dog (we didn’t know, poor Ada)!
Worst:There were actually no peaches for sale at the PEACH Festival. We didn’t bother driving to the nearby orchard where they were sold, but my friend Susan did and brought some to work for me. It turns out they are yummy!

Smitty’s Western Store

We went through Coweta on the way back from the Peach Festival, and stopped by Smitty’s to look at boots. Josh and I are getting each other cowboy boots for our anniversary since the third year is the leather gift year. They had more boy boots than girl boots, but since they had exactly what I wanted for 75% off, the smaller selection was okay with me. I mostly wanted to mention them because the lady was so nice and helpful and really fun to talk to. Plus, what a deal! Thanks Smitty’s!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We went to Durango, CO last week to backpack in the Chicago Basin. We enjoyed being someplace accessible only by a three hour steam train ride followed by hours of hiking. There was no cell phone reception, there were barely any other people, and I slept in a comfy hammock all week.

One of the highlights of the trip was the bed and breakfast Josh booked for us in Durango for the night before we left and the night we came down. It was awesome to have a fantastic meal to send us on our way and a jacuzzi tub to welcome us back. Plus we had a sweet framed picture of Chevy Chase on the wall:

Ah, how homey!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Understand, Driving Can Make You Thirsty

Josh and I went to Broken Arrow yesterday, and as it is not a long drive, I did not expect anything blog-worthy to happen. However:

We were waiting behind another pick up to turn left at a rather lengthy red light. After a little while of waiting, the driver of that pick up truck opened the door and got out. We didn't have time to wonder what he was doing before he reached into the bed of his truck, which is apparently where he keeps a cooler of cold ones for just such occasions. Yep, he pulled himself a brewsky out of the ice chest, popped the top, got back in the cab, and went on his way when the light turned green. Awesome.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mysterious Objects

Here is our favorite thrift store find:

What is that? It was $1. We call it the "candle booger."

Another mysterious object is Ada's favorite toy:

It used to be a pig. She took off its legs. And its nose. And its mouth. And its eyes. She's working on an ear. But she loves it.

Aren't you glad my camera is fixed!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Should Not

Conversations in bathroom stalls are unacceptable. You should not talk to your stall neighbor while you both know what's happening on either side of those thin, too short, metal walls. Period. Nor does the stall double as a phone booth. It is not a private setting and it's just plain weird for all involved if you talk while you're micturating.

I walked into the restroom at work today, and as I closed the stall door behind me, I heard a voice from the other side say, "Well, hiiiiiii there princess!"

I panicked.

That creepy greeting was not for me, was it?

Nope. The person using the stall next to me had just placed a phone call, and felt comfortable saying that. The way she said it would have been creepy anywhere. Especially so on the toilet.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Camera Batteries!

We tried to get away with using AAs in our camera. As a result, the batteries died upon turning on the camera. We finally, after three years of taking one picture at a time, got new batteries! Thus:

Pictures of my recent back porch project. Total Cost: $35

And here's a picture of our little friend from Cancun sitting in his place by the fountain:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Spiritual Experience

Every spring I read the eight Anne of Green Gables books. They follow her from childhood on to when her children are grown and fighting in World War I. (I will not tolerate the movies as they change the time period in an unacceptable way.) I think each spring Anne reminds me more of how to be a gracious, godly person than all the time I spend in church during the year. This time, a passage of Anne's thought when her childhood friend, Ruby, dies stuck with me:
"She was leaving everything she cared for. She had laid up her treasures on earth only; she had lived solely for the little things of life - the things that pass - forgetting the great things that go onward into eternity...
"The little things in life, sweet and excellent in their place, must not be the things lived for; the highest must be sought and followed; the life of heaven must be begun here on earth."

I first encountered this concept (of living as though in the Kingdom while still on earth) in college, in books that had been recently published, and thought it was so novel. L. M. Montgomery was theologically ahead of her time. And so much more poetic.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Adelaide has another urinary tract infection. It's probably because of her food, so we're going to change her diet now that we know. In the meantime, she's taking an anti-inflammatory drug and an antibiotic. The sneaky, (relatively) little dog has been hiding her medicine! We just put the pills in her food so she'll gobble them up with the rest of it. But the other day Josh was walking across one of our shaggy rugs and found her medicine hidden in the shag. She took it out of her dish, carried it to our room, and hid it in the rug. I have to cover them in peanut butter now to entice her to eat them.

Also, our first iris bloomed this morning.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This Gala Is Off the Hook!

Or, it's going to be. The Red Cross Red Carpet Gala in Tulsa will be complete with paparazzi, a jazz band, an auction, and heartwarming awards to heroic locals. Our Financial Development Department knows how to throw a party! And since I'm a part of it, I have responsibilities to help. I've been getting auction items, and I'm proud of myself so I wanted to share. I've got museum memberships, a photo session, pet training classes, a private party at a local venue, and other stuff in the works that may or may not include furniture, cosmetic procedures, and some trees. We'll see.
I do have a failure story that I want to share. I asked a local bakery (that will remain nameless) to donate something for our silent auction. I wrote a very nice letter in which I explained the purpose of the event and that a silent auction item must have a minimum value of $50. I even made some suggestions (a custom cake, a muffin a day for six months - a la Scrubs). In response, this inconsiderate bakery just mailed my letter back to me along with a coupon for a dozen donuts. Thanks. $7.50. Since they didn't meet the requirements I clearly outlined, the Financial Development office will be using this coupon on ourselves. Ha.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I had a nice birthday. Josh had to work in the morning, but he was off by 2 and we got to spend the afternoon together. I was determined to only do things I really enjoy doing and to only eat things that I really like to eat. So, I had an english muffin for breakfast. I worked in the garden in the sunshine. I sewed. Josh and I went hiking and had wine and cheese (smoked Tillamook cheddar - the only kind of cheese) on a rock part way down a cliff. I ate dark chocolate. We went out for sushi and I had my favorite peppermint ice cream for dessert. I watched the Blazers play (and by "watched" I mean read the play-by-play online in real time). It was a very satisfying day.
This morning, however, was not satisfying. I made a cake to take to Josh's parents' for Easter dinner. And it had the nerve to stick in the pan. It was a nice cake, made from scratch and beat to fluffy perfection. Even though I greased that bundt pan, the top of the cake stayed in when the bottom came out. I couldn't take that unpresentable cake anywhere, so it is sitting in the fridge waiting for Keith who I'm sure won't mind it's haphazard state. I threw together a chocolate cake from a box to replace it and regretted getting so worked up about my failed cake because it's Easter. I mean, what's an ugly cake on the day we celebrate the resurrection, right? Perspective, Laura.
Speaking of Keith, I think Adelaide is excited he's coming. Because she understands, because she's awesome. We were putting together his room today, and making his bed. She insisted on putting her ratty stuffed cow by the pillow for him. She wanted him to feel at home, but I wouldn't let her leave it there. It's kind of yucky.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Unbelievable Afternoon

A couple weeks ago someone backed into our Sonoma. She left her information, so we were able to get it fixed. It was in the shop until yesterday, and I was driving a rental car (Chevy HHR = lame). I was headed home in that lame HHR yesterday afternoon when the first unbelievable thing happened. I was stopped at a red light behind a guy in an oooold Nissan sedan. This guy started letting his car roll backwards. I thought, "Surely, he will stop at an appropriate time." Then he got uncomfortably close, and continued to roll. I frantically honked my horn at him but to no avail, because sure enough, he rolled right into my rental. The guy didn't even notice and just kept going. Luckily, we were stopped at the next stoplight, where I pulled next to him and yelled out the window to get his attention. We pulled into a parking lot to examine the damage, but didn't see any (he hit it pretty lightly), so we went our separate ways. Josh and I returned the car an hour later with no problems. Whew, crisis averted.
Josh dropped me off with my shiny, repaired truck and I headed back to work. Two miles from the office, I was pulled over and given a $100 ticket for having expired tags. I had just discovered their expiration before taking it to the shop and had the truck in my possession for a total of 10 minutes with this knowledge. I was very polite, I explained to the officer that we had just moved to Tulsa and our reminder must have been sent to our old address, but I got a ticket nonetheless. I went and got new tags today, and I was penalized there too for having let my old ones expire.
I need some time with no car drama, please.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sigh of Relief

Josh brought home the perfect table yesterday from a thrift store down on 51st and Peoria. It is simply named "Thrift Store" with no apparent ties to those crazy stores that charge ridiculous prices. It sits next to a store whose name is equally clever: "Affordable." Just "Affordable," no nouns, just the adjective. Visiting it on Thursday proved the items therein, however, were not affordable. So, feeling lied to, we continued on to Thrift Store where we found our table for the desired price of $15.
The perfect table, by way of one small drawer, turned out to be the perfect desk. It still suits our purposes precisely, and is now on the back porch being covered in snow.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Indignant Rants Require Many Italics

1. You're a thrift store 2. You're in Oklahoma Who in the world said it was okay to sell furniture at outrageous prices?! Who goes to the Salvation Army prepared to buy a $500 sofa?!

We're looking for a table for our back porch. We want to spend no more than $15. If we were in Oregon, this would not be a problem. Used items are reasonably priced in Oregon. You can buy a full-sized table that seats six from the Goodwill on TV Highway for $15 and go home happy. But nooooooo, not here because for some reason Oklahomans think their crap is gold. There was a table that was no more than 3 feet in diameter at the HOW Thrift Store and it did not have a price tag. This table was not real wood. It had white painted legs that are now mostly brown because somebody had smeared them with poop (maybe it was dirt). It had a couple scratches on top and was complete with the occasional crayon swirl. I asked the clerk, "How much for that table?" He looked at it for a second and said, "I'd take $50 for it." I'm pretty sure I laughed in his face. I had seen the very same table, minus the poop and crayon, for $40 at an antique store already today. I wouldn't pay $40 for the nice one, I surely won't pay $50 for the poopy one. I can get a new table from IKEA for less than that. I told him I would give him $15 and he declined. So Josh and I talked loudly about how overpriced it was for a minute before continuing on our way.
Next we went to the Salvation Army (the one with the $500 sofa in the front). They had a table that would maybe seat 2. It was once painted, but most of the paint had worn off. It was marked $100. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

These are thrift stores, people. This is Oklahoma. Who do you think you are? Seriously.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

*Sigh* I guess I'll be productive instead

We had a brilliant plan yesterday. The weather was perfect, and I took the afternoon off so we could head down to Lawton to go minimalist backpacking with our friends. We were on our way to meet them when one by one they all backed out. To be fair, where we planned to camp was not exactly legal, and being caught is accompanied by hefty fines.
We still had perfect weather, and the time to do something, so we made a backup plan. Again, they all declined. So we took our sorry selves home, made plans to leave in the morning (just the two of us), and took our dog to the vet. Turns out her upper respiratory infection is allergies. Did you know you can just give your dog Benadryl?
Well, we woke up to 20mph winds today. Winds that will continue all day and bring thunderstorms. I just want to go backpacking. Stupid Oklahoma.

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Day Off

Cloudy days feed my soul. Sunny days feed my work ethic. This day was perfect: sunny in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon. I took today off because it was the last day of Josh's internal medicine rotation. So while he was taking his test in the morning, the sunshine inspired me, and I got the house sparkling clean. Josh got home in time for lunch and treated me to the Sushi Train (yes, plates of sushi are pulled around the restaurant behind a toy train). We ate plate after plate of delicious, cheap sushi. On the way home, we stopped at some used furniture store hoping to find some inexpensive furniture for our porch. We stopped at the wrong stores. Though cool stuff, everything was pretty spendy. It was fun anyway. At home we caught up on Lost and played some games. Then ended the marvelously cloudy evening outside, looking at our blooming magnolia trees, sharing a cigar and glass of wine, and talking about our Lenten journey so far. What a spectacular day!

Also spectacular: Adelaide won the puppy push up contest at her class graduation. We were pretty proud. But since the class is over, she had to say goodbye to her boyfriend, Orry. He's a St. Bernard, and the only dog she's met that is her size and lazier than she is. If we didn't separate them, they would spend the whole hour each week snuggling. It was darned adorable.

Also also spectacular: I saw a tough looking workman (gruff face, work boots, denim clad, cigarette in hand) skipping down the street the other day. Yes, skipping quite happily.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Links Are Fun!

Since I work in Financial Development at the Tulsa Red Cross, I am in charge of securing 10 silent auction items for our Red Cross Red Carpet event in May. Today I dressed up in my best suit (my only suit), pinned my Red Cross pin to my lapel, printed my informational fliers and hit the road. I visited local museums and businesses to make my asks. I got only one definite no, and a bunch of, "well, this is how to start the process of asking"s. It was kind of fun, mostly because I got myself pumped up by listening to my 1985 Transformers movie soundtrack in the truck on the way. "You've Got the Touch" and "Dare!" are great songs to feel ready to conquer the day. Here's a special thanks to Ruth Reese Photography for being my first auction item!

Tomorrow is Oregon's 150th birthday. Oregon could be Oklahoma's grandpa. Now I will treat you to some Oregon facts:
1. Oregon's official state beverage is milk.
2. Portland is home to the world's smallest park, measuring 452 sq inches.
3. Oregon has the most ghost towns of any state.
4. Oregon is the only state with different designs on either side of their flag.
5. Oregon is the 9th largest state, but has fewer people than Puerto Rico.
6. This proves that the Trail Blazers are the coolest team in the NBA. Give it a chance till the chorus.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Not Quality: The previous owners of my house
It's not difficult to not suck at fixing up a house. I'm not professional grade, but I don't suck at it. And I don't really have to try very hard not to suck. I don't understand why you would cover holes in the floor and walls with poorly affixed tile. Not only did he just stick glue on the back of the tile without prepping the walls first, he didn't even get white tile. He bought the cheap, ugly, gold tile, and then painted it. Painted the tile. Because that won't scrape right off. So, we've been fixing up the bathroom this weekend. We're doing things a lot simpler, which means less expensive, but somehow it's turning out to be better quality. I spackled and textured the wall tonight. I have high hopes for the finished product. Anything will be better than white tile that isn't really white.

Quality: Adelaide
1. She doesn't like when people watch her do her business. So, she only does it in the back of the yard behind the bushes. We call her a perimeter-pooper. Which also means we don't have to clean up the yard after her.
2. Thursday, when Josh was on call, I left the door between our room and Adelaide's room open when I went to bed. She saw what I'd done, picked up her bed, brought it into my room, set it next to my bed, and went to sleep there. I like her.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dude, Google It.

My grocery checker and bagger were having an interesting conversation while taking care of my groceries this week. I tried to stay out of it because it was so darned entertaining that I didn't want to get in the way. They were arguing about whether or not marijuana causes cancer and kills your brain cells. The checker was saying that yes, it does those things, while the bagger was defending what turns out to be his favorite hobby. His best defense was as follows:
"Dude, I do it all the time, and it hasn't made me any less smarter."

That very well could be true, we don't know how dumb he was to begin with.