Monday, February 20, 2012

Just Call Me Miss Marple

No, I don't tend to witness or solve many murders, which is probably a relief to those around me.  Seriously, what are the odds of one woman coincidentally being at that many murder scenes...?

But I did trot around Costa Rica with my yarn and crochet hook.  That earned me a Miss Marple reference from a friendly Brit.  So picture if you will, a sunny beach 8 degrees above the equator, palm trees, a hammock, and me making these:

Sure, the projects may have contradicted the setting, but I found both quite relaxing.  I used a blue yarn from Estonia for the slippers, but it fades from light blue to dark blue and back; so my slippers aren't exactly the same shade of blue.  But that helps me remember which one I wear on which foot.

Then, in keeping with our goals for 2012, as soon as we got home from Costa Rica, we baked some Valentine's cookies and packed them up with souvenirs for our nieces.  Here's a peek at the first package of the year:

We've added more excitement to our calendar as well since one of our friends from Oklahoma (now Chicago) is coming out to visit us in March, and we get to welcome some friends back to Oregon next week!  So far, so good, 2012.

Though we decided that we were absolutely built for the 45th parallel or higher, we thoroughly enjoyed our adventures in Costa Rica.  Once our pictures are all squared away, I'll put some up; but for now, I'll leave you with one from my phone.  This was our view for 5 days of doing nothing but reading, crocheting, and relaxing in hammocks:

Pura Vida!