Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We did two unique Tulsa things these last couple weeks, but as they are not repeatable events, I will not evaluate them in my former fasion:

1. We went to the last game at Driller's Stadium, which is right down the street from our house. It was fun, as much as a baseball game can be. The best part was the countdown to the last time the lights went out at the stadium. Whoever was running the countdown never quite got the rhythm of the crowd. We said, "twenty-nine...ttttttttttwenty-eighttwentyseven...tttttttt" You get the picture. For a while, they stopped the numbers on the screen altogether. Then they came back slower than ever. Then they skipped some numbers. Everyone was cracking up by the time we got to zero. What a send off!

2. We went to Megan and Derek's wedding at Holy Family Cathedral. It turns out that someone there had the Swine Flu, and all Protestants gave a sigh of relief that they weren't allowed to share the communion cup. It was beautiful though - congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Weinkauf!

Otherwise, I've been sewing my little heart out. I finished the baby quilts for my expecting friends and am almost done with a winter jacket. I just have to sew a button-hole, which for some reason I find wholly intimidating. Here is the dinosaur quilt for Devin Burton, Jr (who should be making his debut on Friday):

Adelaide keeps me company while I sew by taking up all the area under my work table:

Yes, she fell asleep with her front and back legs in different directions. Not very ladylike, or vertebrate-like for that matter.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Perfect People

I was in the checkout line of the grocery store when the man behind me with his little daughter complimented me on my hair. I said thank you and turned back to eyeing the silly-but-kind-of-interesting magazine covers thinking that was going to be it. Now, I don't mind talking to strangers so when he started talking on about redheads, I politely returned the conversation. Then he complimented me on my shirt, saying to his daughter, "Isn't orange your favorite color?" Which is fine, but my shirt was definitely yellow. Finally he said this gem: "I think that God needed a way to identify the perfect people in the world, so he gave them red hair."

Hm, I may have agreed with him, but he was a redhead and somewhat of a creeper. There goes that theory.