Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wait, How Long Has It Been 2013?

I haven't been a good internet user lately.  My facebook posting and my blog updating have dwindled.  I could say it's because I've been out there living it up 24/7.  Sure, let's go with that!

When 2012 started, I made a list of things I was looking forward to and things I wanted to accomplish.  Let's look at the things I wanted to accomplish:

*Check out potential places to live after residency: Hey, Josh is done with residency in six months!  He has a contract from a practice that we are super excited about joining!  We're going to stay in Portland for a couple years before moving out to Clackamas county on a little plot of land!  That's a lot of exclamation points, but expresses how I feel about these developments.
*Take a serger class: I did this!  This year, though, I should make it a goal to use my serger more.
*Take better care of my hair: Curly hair is hard sometimes.  I found a spray conditioner that really helps with frizz control.  I'm still experimenting, and I'm sure the internet finds this riveting.
*Find a church home: Oh, fail.  We did not do that this year.  Do you want an excuse?  We're moving across the city in the summer and didn't want to find a place just to leave it?  Lame.
*Actually start exercising: I did really well for the first couple months, then in the summer when we hiked a lot, and then in the last couple months.  This is an improvement over last year.
*Meet my fundraising goal for work:  I didn't quite, but I came close, and my whole department saw similar results.  2012 was tough for everyone.
*Make more clothes: I made fewer clothes this year.  Partly because I discovered that it takes a lot of fabric to make a man's shirt, and none of the wool pieces I had are big enough.  Sleeves, man.  They eat up yardage.
*Send more fun packages to our nieces:  We did this, and it was fun!

When I made this list, I had a secret goal that I wasn't putting on the blog: 2012 was the year we planned to start a family!  So, let's look at all the wonderful things 2013 will bring:

*March - I will be done working for forever
*March (or April, probably April) -We'll have a son!
*June - Josh will finish his residency
*July - Road Trip! (yes, with a three month old)
*August - We'll move across the river
*September - Josh will start at his new practice

2013 will be full of exciting change!  I'm still considering what goals I want to add among these big, big changes in our life.  That will be for another post, though.  For now, Happy Belated New Year!