Monday, November 7, 2011

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

I finished a quilt for baby Zander Ibanez last week.  I especially like his name because it both starts and ends with "Z."  That is pretty neat if you ask me.

His parents are our good friends whom we are always trying to convince to come to Portland.  Now that Oklahoma is having multiple earthquakes a day, maybe we've got a better shot.

They picked out some great looking dinosaur stuff for Zander's room, and I was excited to run with the colorful dino theme:

I discovered that making things look random takes a lot of effort. 

The backing makes me think of tropical islands, which makes me think of Lost, which makes me think of the Ibanezes 

I copied the dinos off the fabric to quilt onto the colored squares 

The brontosaurus only has three legs 

Congratulations, Ibanez family!