Thursday, April 22, 2010

Disappearing Act

We made it to Portland without any problems, and even got everything on the list done before we took off. Well, everything except Josh's paper which he is finishing this week.

We leave for Vienna in 5 days, and I am nervous about something: my dog. Since we've been at my parents' she has made a run for it twice. She is in a new place and doesn't understand, I get it. She's probably looking for home. But what if she does that while Josh and I are gone and she won't come to Mom and Dad? Yikes. Maybe we'll get her microchipped before we leave.

Homework, shopping, and desperate-dog-training will fill our next five days!

Friday, April 9, 2010


There is still so much to do before we move in one week.
We have to finish packing and cleaning our little house. We have some repairs and gardening things we would like to finish. We have to make the last reservations for our trip. We have to cancel all our Tulsa utilities and memberships. Josh has a paper to write that he has been trying to get information about for three weeks. (Thanks preceptor, for your prompt attention. It's not like we're leaving the country soon or anything.) We have to find a storage unit in Oregon to have the relo-cube delivered to. We have people to see and goodbyes to say.

I think I just need to make a list. Sometimes I think all stress can be solved by a good list.