Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I wrapped and packed the placemats for Josh's mom without taking a picture of them - oops!  I guess you'll just have to believe me when I say they were works of art.  Collectively, they were the Mona Lisa of placemats.

However, I did take a picture of my workspace post-Christmas-projects:

I've become messy!  For Christmas, I want little elves to come tidy up and organize my fabric scraps.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Projects Galore

I've been working on Christmas gifts for people pretty non-stop these past couple weeks while Josh is on night float again.  I don't think any of the recipients know about the blog, so I'll put up some pictures!

First, I made Josh's grandma a purse like the one I carry from Elizabeth Hartman's Margaret Bag pattern:

Josh said, "It's so awesomely old lady!"

Second, Josh and I made a jewelry box for our older niece:

Josh did most of the work on this one.  I stained it, but he added all the fanciness.

Third, I'm making stuffed animals for our baby niece.  I've made a bird so far, and I sewed insulated batting into the inside so it crinkles when you squeeze it (babies dig crinkling, don't they?).  I'm also going to make her a fish with a rattle inside.

Lastly, I'm making placemats for Josh's mom.  Basically, I'm making 6 tiny quilts.  I've just got to bind them now and then I'll be done and I'll put up a picture!  The quilts for Josh's cousins have been bumped to birthday presents - one in January and one in March.  That will be much more doable!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Zoo Lights

Josh and I went to Zoo Lights with our residency bff, Denise, on Sunday.  The Oregon Zoo makes beautiful displays all over the grounds.  For instance, a safari scene complete with light-alligators opening their mouths and a light-bird swooping into a light-river to pick up a light-fish.  It is pretty spectacular.  I mention this experience for two reasons:

1. Among all the animals made of lights that you would expect to find at the zoo, there was a light-triceratops and also a light-stegosaurus being attacked by light-raptors.  What?  And a light-unicorn, with a beard.  Whaaaat?

2.  We rode the steam engine.  Not the new-fangled zoo train, but the old steam engine that they only bring out for special occasions.  Why is this so exciting to me (aside from the fact that steam engines are cool)?  My grandpa helped build the Oregon Zoo Steam Engine back in the day.  I feel pretty important having that as a part of my family history.  My roots are deep in this city, and I like them here.

This is an old picture, we don't have any snow yet!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cowboys and Indians

While in Tulsa last week, I met FIVE babies.  FIVE babies have been born in the five months since we've moved.  I was able to deliver quilts to two of those babies, the others having already received them, while we were there.  Josh's good friend from high school (and my friend too!) had twin boys 3 months ago, and we got to meet them.
About a month ago, I was looking through the fabric store (aka: my mom's extensive stash) and had a stroke of inspiration for these little boys!  Cowboys and Indians!  Twins don't want to be exactly alike, right?  But this way, they still go together.
Here are the finished products:

The first has cowboy boot and bandana fabric and the second is covered in little teepees.  I used the same wood print flannel backing for both of them:

I need to get started on two more quilts I want to send to Josh's cousins for Christmas.  They may end up being belated Christmas gifts, or maybe birthday presents, because Christmas is coming so fast!  I have lots of projects in mind for people, and I'll try to post them as I go along.  I hope I can get everything done!