Thursday, March 27, 2008

So Far, So Slim

We have two searches going on right now, and the results of both are less than satisfactory.

1. Buying a house or finding a reasonable rental. Our budget appears to be just slightly too low, but its our limit, so there's little we can do about it. We had an unfortunately lengthy offering/counteroffering/rejection process with a house in foreclosure. And now we don't know when our next trip to Tulsa will be to look at more options. I'm still hopeful. I secretly (well, not so secretly) want one of those supercute 1930's houses downtown.

2. Securing employment. I have sent out close to 20 resumes and letters with little to no response. Granted, I am asking people to commit to hire me and then to wait 12 weeks until I move to Tulsa. So, I'm expecting the search to pick up as we get closer to relocating. I'm sure a better timeline will make me more appealing.

This has been kind of a downer week as we remain busy, deal with people showing up at our place to fix up the condo for the new owners, and still try to figure out all of the above. We need something to work out right so that our spirits are lifted. Either that or we'll need to take a break from being adults sometime next week.

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