Monday, August 18, 2008

Day to Day

Josh's painting got here, yay! Which means our anniversary has ended, but it also means the house is put together. So, I've got some pictures ready to load; but in the spirit of sportsmanship, I'm waiting until Josh is ready with his pictures so there will be no thunder-stealing. We'll put them up at the same time. It will be fair. But my album will be so much cooler.
We went to a party at our neighbors' house this weekend. I'm excited to be a neighbor! Two girls just a little bit older than we are live next door, and we met a lot of their friends who apparently have Nazarene ties. There was a lot of SNU reminiscing and a few Nazarene jokes, set to some background music of Feist, Kanye, and James Taylor, while eating delicious homemade sushi. Our neighbors are great!
I will leave you with this fantastic picture that just made my night. My dad turned 50 yesterday, and Josh and I got him a sweet hat. See:

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realolivegreen said...

Excellent hat!!! And I will be stalking your facebook until I see that album!