Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Home for Christmas

We get a new power cord while we're in Oregon, so regular blogging may resume when we get back to Oklahoma. But I wanted to blog our journey to Portland. Since we're still computerless, I couldn't check flights or weather. We got to the airport in Tulsa and discovered our flight out was delayed and would cause us to miss our connecting flight. It was looking impossible to get another flight to Portland since travelers are so backed up because of the weather.
There was a man in front of us making the same journey, and they told him the best they could do was a flight tomorrow afternoon. Josh was determined that would not be an option for us, so when it was our turn, we asked the lady, "How close can you get us tonight?" We were ready to accept Boise, or even Salt Lake City and a rental car to get us home.
She found one ticket getting into Eugene at midnight and had one opening getting into Portland at midnight. We were going to split up and meet at my parents'. As she was about to book them, she said, "I have two to Eugene, do you want them together?" We decided that would be better, so she printed our tickets, and I called my parents to update them. We were turning to walk away when the lady said, "Oh! I have a bunch of openings on the evening flight to Portland suddenly - do you want them?" Yeah, we want them! We rushed back to her, I told her she was a whiz. Josh was so excited he said, "This is better than the casino!" I think she got a kick out of us.
We had an extended layover in Denver, but we made it to Portland in one day. I'm so excited to see Portland under so much snow! I'm pretty sure this will be my first ever white Christmas.

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