Friday, February 13, 2009

Links Are Fun!

Since I work in Financial Development at the Tulsa Red Cross, I am in charge of securing 10 silent auction items for our Red Cross Red Carpet event in May. Today I dressed up in my best suit (my only suit), pinned my Red Cross pin to my lapel, printed my informational fliers and hit the road. I visited local museums and businesses to make my asks. I got only one definite no, and a bunch of, "well, this is how to start the process of asking"s. It was kind of fun, mostly because I got myself pumped up by listening to my 1985 Transformers movie soundtrack in the truck on the way. "You've Got the Touch" and "Dare!" are great songs to feel ready to conquer the day. Here's a special thanks to Ruth Reese Photography for being my first auction item!

Tomorrow is Oregon's 150th birthday. Oregon could be Oklahoma's grandpa. Now I will treat you to some Oregon facts:
1. Oregon's official state beverage is milk.
2. Portland is home to the world's smallest park, measuring 452 sq inches.
3. Oregon has the most ghost towns of any state.
4. Oregon is the only state with different designs on either side of their flag.
5. Oregon is the 9th largest state, but has fewer people than Puerto Rico.
6. This proves that the Trail Blazers are the coolest team in the NBA. Give it a chance till the chorus.

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RTQ said...

That's awesome! I love pump it up music in the car! You should ask Josh about some of our experiences...

Oregon as a that a good comparison? Most Oregonians I've met are quite pleasant and not grumpy and combative...usually.

My favorite things about Oregon are full service gas and the no sales tax bo-jazz...but to each their own.

Glad you are well. Tell your Taylor howdy and that I've coming to "borrow" it in August.