Thursday, April 22, 2010

Disappearing Act

We made it to Portland without any problems, and even got everything on the list done before we took off. Well, everything except Josh's paper which he is finishing this week.

We leave for Vienna in 5 days, and I am nervous about something: my dog. Since we've been at my parents' she has made a run for it twice. She is in a new place and doesn't understand, I get it. She's probably looking for home. But what if she does that while Josh and I are gone and she won't come to Mom and Dad? Yikes. Maybe we'll get her microchipped before we leave.

Homework, shopping, and desperate-dog-training will fill our next five days!


Lindsey said...

I know you guys already left, and I hope you are having a great time and taking lots of pictures. Be safe! On the subject of microchipping.... it's a great idea! It's cheap and effective.. especially if Ada gets out without her collar on. There should be tons of Banfields in Portland since that's where their HQ is. The reason I recommend them is that some microchipping services charge a yearly fee for keeping your information on hand, and sometimes charge you to change your info if you move or get a new phone number. But the service Banfield uses is free forever and you can change info any time you want. (Atleast it was like that when I was working there.) We used to charge $29.95 and put in 2 separate chips that have 2 different frequencies. (Different types of scanners scan for different frequencies of chip.) It's probably a little higher in Portland. Have fun on your trip!

LB said...

Thank you for giving me blog love from beautiful Europe. Hope you guys are having so much fun. Coincidentally, Jef and I both saw your comment about the book while at work and ordered it without telling the other haha! I would absolutely love to get together. Just let me know what works best for you -- and bring pictures!