Saturday, May 28, 2011


 I may have been a little unsociable this week, but I finished so many projects!  I finished the third quilt in the collection of quilts made from my friend's mother's gardening shirts.  This is for her 10 year old son:

Josh approved it's manliness at each step along the way.  I am especially pleased with the cozy, furry backing.

I finished this quilt for Josh's 11 year old cousin.  It's even kind of (unintentionally) OU colors. 

I finished this quilt for one of Josh's chief residents who has a brand new baby girl:

Every time I closed my eyes for the past couple nights, I saw clusters of circles because of this quilting:

And I even made a hat and a larger-than-anticpated-but-still-loved felt dahlia to put on it.  I've been wearing it all day even though it's almost June. 

Now I have one more week to finish the little leaves quilt I started ages ago so we can ship it to Oklahoma via Josh's dad next weekend.  Here's to renewed motivation!

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