Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Homemade Gift of the Year

Unique yarn from small shops has become my souvenir of choice.  I like it because then, when I make something out of it, the item has an interesting back story.  I can say, "I made this hat out of yarn I got in Italy," or "My mom picked up the yarn for these slippers in Norway," or "I got that purple yarn in Camden, ME."  The last of which is true about the yarn in this scarf I made for our friend Denise:

I snapped this photo before running to catch the bus to meet Josh and Denise to give her the present.  I generally stand against taking pictures of myself in the mirror, but I was alone and feel like I had no other choice.

I picked a blanket square pattern and instead of putting them together in a rectangle, I attached them all end to end.  The scarf really is mostly purple, but I added the yellow, orange, and maroon because 1) Denise likes them  2) I'm in a fall colors phase  and 3) I didn't have enough purple for a reasonably lengthed scarf, but had just enough of those other colors to make it work.