Monday, March 26, 2012

Pura Vida

Since we got back from Costa Rica, it feels like I haven't been keeping up with anything.  It didn't help that I came down with a pretty vicious bug of some sort for a week, but I feel bounced back now and ready to share some exciting pictures!

 Our luggage for two weeks - mine is on the left, Josh's is the right

Me rappelling down a 200-something foot waterfall

 The sunset as we walked out of Santa Elena

 A trail in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

 We sat here for five days.  It was awesome.

Quite possibly the most hilarious picture we've ever taken

Our Costa Rica vacation was a great way to start out 2012.  It had the perfect blend of adventuring and relaxing.  We brought along a durable, waterproof camera that resulted in hysterical water-spot-face-distortion.  We laughed a lot.  We walked a lot.  I remembered more Spanish than I thought I would.  We enjoyed where we were.  Our love for Oregon deepened. We made up a new humidity index based on how tall my frizz gets.  The highest LFI (Laura's Frizz Index) was 10cm.  We embraced the Pura Vida!

Now we're hosting a friend and running all over northwest Oregon showing him its wonder.  I've finally finished a quilt top, we've got a plan for a fun Easter package for our nieces, and now that I'm feeling better, I'm actually going to do some yoga tonight.  I'm digging proactivity again.

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nikeathena said...

Glad you had time to enjoy each other's company before you got back to the "real world." Also, that picture is hilarious.