Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wait, How Long Has It Been 2013?

I haven't been a good internet user lately.  My facebook posting and my blog updating have dwindled.  I could say it's because I've been out there living it up 24/7.  Sure, let's go with that!

When 2012 started, I made a list of things I was looking forward to and things I wanted to accomplish.  Let's look at the things I wanted to accomplish:

*Check out potential places to live after residency: Hey, Josh is done with residency in six months!  He has a contract from a practice that we are super excited about joining!  We're going to stay in Portland for a couple years before moving out to Clackamas county on a little plot of land!  That's a lot of exclamation points, but expresses how I feel about these developments.
*Take a serger class: I did this!  This year, though, I should make it a goal to use my serger more.
*Take better care of my hair: Curly hair is hard sometimes.  I found a spray conditioner that really helps with frizz control.  I'm still experimenting, and I'm sure the internet finds this riveting.
*Find a church home: Oh, fail.  We did not do that this year.  Do you want an excuse?  We're moving across the city in the summer and didn't want to find a place just to leave it?  Lame.
*Actually start exercising: I did really well for the first couple months, then in the summer when we hiked a lot, and then in the last couple months.  This is an improvement over last year.
*Meet my fundraising goal for work:  I didn't quite, but I came close, and my whole department saw similar results.  2012 was tough for everyone.
*Make more clothes: I made fewer clothes this year.  Partly because I discovered that it takes a lot of fabric to make a man's shirt, and none of the wool pieces I had are big enough.  Sleeves, man.  They eat up yardage.
*Send more fun packages to our nieces:  We did this, and it was fun!

When I made this list, I had a secret goal that I wasn't putting on the blog: 2012 was the year we planned to start a family!  So, let's look at all the wonderful things 2013 will bring:

*March - I will be done working for forever
*March (or April, probably April) -We'll have a son!
*June - Josh will finish his residency
*July - Road Trip! (yes, with a three month old)
*August - We'll move across the river
*September - Josh will start at his new practice

2013 will be full of exciting change!  I'm still considering what goals I want to add among these big, big changes in our life.  That will be for another post, though.  For now, Happy Belated New Year!


Nike Athena said...

Well, hello there! When you move across the river you can go to church with us. It'll be epic.

I'm very disappointed I have to wait NINE MONTHS for Josh to work down the street. I could have Irish twins in that time!

So excited for all the changes 2013 is bringing!

Jacolien said...

Happy New Year to you too!
And congratulations on your pregnancy, I hope everything goes well.

It's a great list for 2012 and you've done quite some things from it.
Can't wait to find out about 2013, besides becoming a mom and all.