Friday, November 16, 2007

Speeding Up a Slow Day

I thought maybe a blog would spice up my work day. So in honor of my first post, I will tell a work story.
Yesterday, a man came to have a meeting with my boss. Part of my job is to make small talk in the office so clients don't notice how long they're kept waiting. Usually, it's my favorite part because I think people are interesting. Anyway, this man and I were chatting about Josh being in medical school and how he has to study a lot. And then the man said, "Do you know what helped me in college when I had to study? Speed." This man must have been in his mid to late fifties, by the way. He went on, "Oh, I'd take speed when I needed to focus, and get through material faster." He just chatted casually about it. To me, a complete stranger. I had no idea what to say. Especially to a man so close to senior citizenship. I think I said something like, "Once I drank too much coffee the night before a test and couldn't fall asleep." Oh goodness, we found one of the few topics I can't scrape a conversation out of.
Well, my first blog was neither deep nor meaningful, but I hope it was at least entertaining. I'm glad that it got me through a little part of a slow work day.

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