Monday, February 4, 2008

It's Official

We got the word this morning - Josh is accepted into the Tulsa program for school! We're moving in four months! We're going to be close to Josh's family, we're going to buy a little house, we're going to get to live where there are parks and trees and well planned streets and good restaurants and less wind. It will be beautiful.
I have the tiniest of mixed feelings when it comes to work though. My job pretty much rocks the planet. I am very happy here. I have a great boss. I am not looking forward to telling him I'm leaving. I'm not looking forward to circulating another resume and going to interviews either. I know it'll be okay, it's more than worth it. I just wish it were over and everything were decided already. Maybe I'll find a sweet non-profit to work for. Tulsa is magical, I'm sure she'll have something perfect for me.
Anyway - back to the 99.5% of me that is ecstatic. I love moving! I love packing things up and reorganizing and getting rid of stuff we don't need anymore.
As excited as I am, I'm extra-happy for Josh. He loves his Tulsa. And he gets to be part of the free clinic program, which is fantastic.
I like change. It's exciting. You can make it whatever you want. And I choose awesome.

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