Friday, July 25, 2008

A Few Funny Things

1. I just remembered that our neighborhood is called Beverly Hill (just one), which makes me laugh. These houses are like 1200 square feet. They're cute, but they're old. Anyway, somebody thought they could make it sound more glamorous than it is. "Yeah, I live in Beverly Hill."
2. We buy tea to drink, but we buy it loose leaf. So my mom gave us these empty tea bags that we can fill ourselves to brew it. But they are called T-Sacs. Who's idea was it to leave off the k??? I get a little grossed out everytime I get the box down.
3. In my database at work are a lot of people who live in the area who have funny names. Some are harmlessly funny (Les Moore or Angel Fisher), some are more unfortunate (Mr. Glasscock), and some I would be uncomfortable trying to pronounce inoffensively (Ms. Bitsche).

That's all I have for you this morning.


realolivegreen said...

this is truly greatness. thanks for sharing. made my start to the weekend glorious! I hope your weekend with josh is just as great.

Zach said...


Abby said...

Any time people tlak about funny names, I always have to comment about my sister's married name.

Phyllis Cox.

Amazing, I know.