Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You Tell Me

I went to play volleyball tonight at a church in Sapulpa. I was on a team with some of the girls from work who play regularly. They let me fill in for a missing player. Now, there was a setter on the team that was struggling all night. She never called the ball, she rarely put it in the right place, and she was rarely in the right place herself. Now, I'm not a professional setter by any means, but that was the position I played, and it's my very favorite part. So, near the end, after watching her fumble all night, I thought, "I bet she's not the setter, but is just playing it because someone is missing. If that's the case, I wonder if she'd switch with me." So I decided to ask. You tell me - was I an inadvertant jerk? Because this is what happened:
Me, as we rotate - "Are you the regular setter for the team, or are you filling in?"
Her - "No, I'm the setter."
Me - "Oh, 'cause... good job..."
Later, when almost everyone was gone, I asked if I could set for a couple rounds because it's my favorite. She shot me down saying she needed the practice. No argument there. But I get the impression that she wasn't very happy with my existence.

Also, this weekend in Oregon was wonderful. The best 39.5 hours ever! We went to Shari's, Baja Fresh, Powell's (we got 6 or 7 books for only $35), my cousin's wedding to hang out with quite a few Higleys, an REI used gear sale (we got a pack for our dog for more than 50% off), good ol' BNC, and of course Happy Panda. We played board games with my family and with Jason and Melissa. We got to see Sam and Bryce, who told us all about various animals and the sounds they make. It was chock-full of awesome. Just the way I like my weekends.

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