Friday, October 3, 2008


Things I have neglected:
1. This blog
2. Settling on a name for the dog we're getting TOMORROW!
3. Paying attention to the debate last night (I fully intended to, but I had friends from work come over and we had some wine and got to chatting over the vp candidates)
4. Quilting

Things I've been doing instead:
1. Going to the Tulsa State Fair
2. Gardening with Josh
3. Cooking delicious food (if I may say so myself)
4. Practicing 40 old jazz songs for a dinner gig

Extra fact about my dinner gig:
I get to wear a 1940s Red Cross uniform (I'll look like an Andrews sister - google it) while playing my guitar and singing delightful music for a few hundred people.


LB said...

I'm so excited for you (read: jealous hehe) about your dinner gig. Sounds like a great opportunity!

Also, I was wondering: do Betsy and Keith live in town?

realolivegreen said...

Dinner gig! You are big time. And I agree about you neglecting your blog, but it looks like you have some good reasons. Touche.

LB said...

Shame on them! They are missing out. Just wait until you experience Tulsa fall. Nothing like Oregon, one of my favorite places on earth, but you won't believe it's in the same state as Oklahoma City!

Let's get coffee soon. What nights are good for you?