Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not Good Enough

A while ago we were visiting some of Josh's friends from school and we brought blackberry cobbler to share. While we were waiting for them to answer their trendy skyrise-apartment door, a guy came out of the place just next to us. He was stumbling by when he stopped, put his face uncomfortably close to the food I was holding, and said, "Duuuuude, are those brownies?!" I told him no, it was blackberry cobbler. He made a disgusted face and said, "Oh, well never mind then."

"Never mind" what, you possibly drunk, fancy apartment dweller? Whether they were brownies or not, they were not for you. You, who oh so rudely denounced my tasty dessert, were not going to get any anyway!

I was a little offended by this stranger. I got over it when he tripped on the carpet on his way down the hall.

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