Sunday, October 25, 2009

Official Announcement

Oktoberfest is the best Tulsa festival for people watching.

There is one important quality that bumped it over Tulsa State Fair people watching: drunk people are funny. Everyone was everybody's friend; everyone danced the chicken dance; everyone was smiling and chatty - it was great. They had an impressive selection of beer including 3 varieties from Boulevard, Shiner bock, Stella, and a dark lager from that German brand that starts with a W (sorry, it's escaping me now). If you, like me, aren't a big beer drinker, go anyway! Designated Drivers get free water and soda, you can get some bratwurst or strudel, and you can watch (and party with) some of the friendliest, happiest festival-goers in Tulsa.

Best: The guy in the German band whose job it was to yell randomly during the songs. I'm pretty sure he was wearing three sets of suspenders, and yelled excitedly into the mic no matter what song was playing. Also, you can bring your dog!

Worst: A pint is $7, yikes!

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