Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halfway There

I've finished 5 of the 10 quilts I had planned when we first moved to Oregon.  It's been extra nice having my mom's sewing room and fabrics and machine to help me knock all these out!  I finally finished the grey and yellow one that I posted about almost two months ago.  It's for our niece who is due to be born at any moment!  I put it in the mail for her yesterday:

In this one you can see the butterflies that it's quilted all over with:

And not to leave out our first niece Abi, who is so excited to be a big sister, I made a purse for her because she's pretty much a grown-up now:

We bought tickets to go visit over Thanksgiving and we're so excited to see everybody.  Since all of the quilts I have left belong in Oklahoma, I'll try to get as many of them as I can done by then so we can deliver them in person.


Emily Lash said...

wow. you are my hero. That grey and yellow quilt is so beautiful. love the butterflies

Ash said...

Wow, nice work! You have a gift, my friend.

And congrats on the soon-to-arrive niece!

Cara said...

LOVE the yellow and grey! Great job!