Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cave Canem

It's another Europe post!

One of the coolest things we did while abroad was visit Pompeii.  It wasn't what I expected after visiting other ruins because it still looked like a city.  We walked around on streets that had ruts worn in the stone from cart travel.  We went into houses built 2000 years ago and admired the murals on the wall and the mosaics on the floor.  We saw the bars, brothels, and temples and could still tell what they were.  There were vases, sculptures and pieces of furniture on display.  All of which had been suddenly buried under ash and thus preserved since AD 70.  (There were also plaster casts made from the actual inhabitants frozen in place, covering their faces as they were covered in ash from Vesuvius - it was eerie)

One of the most famous mosaics is this one found at the entrance of one of the homes:

"Cave Canem" means "Beware of Dog."  Awesome, right?!

Also awesome is that it kind of looks like my dog:

Also also awesome is that there are still dogs living in Pompeii.  They just have free reign of the city.  They're kept there under protection and are up for adoption.  You can adopt a dog from Pompeii.  Tell me that's not cool!

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nikeathena said...

This is all very cool and awesome! I watched a history special on Pompeii years ago and would love to visit. That's really interesting about the dogs!