Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Projects Galore

I've been working on Christmas gifts for people pretty non-stop these past couple weeks while Josh is on night float again.  I don't think any of the recipients know about the blog, so I'll put up some pictures!

First, I made Josh's grandma a purse like the one I carry from Elizabeth Hartman's Margaret Bag pattern:

Josh said, "It's so awesomely old lady!"

Second, Josh and I made a jewelry box for our older niece:

Josh did most of the work on this one.  I stained it, but he added all the fanciness.

Third, I'm making stuffed animals for our baby niece.  I've made a bird so far, and I sewed insulated batting into the inside so it crinkles when you squeeze it (babies dig crinkling, don't they?).  I'm also going to make her a fish with a rattle inside.

Lastly, I'm making placemats for Josh's mom.  Basically, I'm making 6 tiny quilts.  I've just got to bind them now and then I'll be done and I'll put up a picture!  The quilts for Josh's cousins have been bumped to birthday presents - one in January and one in March.  That will be much more doable!

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nikeathena said...

I thought I commented on this. Babies do dig crinkling (ironically, so do cats) and those projects are great!