Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Happened

Oh my.  June was a whirlwind.  We started off by marching in the Grand Floral Parade for Portland's Rose Festival.  We were pioneers with the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.  We looked like this:

Then we hosted Josh's mom and her two sisters in a Portlandia Extravaganza.  We went everywhere and did everything.  Which includes walking through the Naked Bike Ride.  10,000 people shed their clothes and ride through the city to protest oil dependency.  They got between me and VooDoo Donuts.  So I went through them.  With my mother-in-law.  It looked like this:

Just kidding.

I was going to make it a more elaborate story.  We had to cross the Nude Sea to get to the Promised Land which flows with maple and bacon.  Or something along those lines.  But I couldn't quite flesh it out.

We finished Josh's second year of residency and partied with the program's 2012 graduates.  In 362 days, that'll be us!

I took my serger class at Modern Domestic.

We ended the fiscal year at work, and I give myself a B in my fundraising for the year.  Except then we adjusted the goals because (thank the Lord) there was no big earthquake this year like there was in both 2011 and 2010 to boost Red Cross awareness.  Once we made those adjustments, you could say I exceeded my fundraising goal.  If you wanted to.

We celebrated birthdays, welcomed friends back to Oregon, geeked out at trivia nights, and congratulated friends on impending parenthood.  I made a couple little gifts and gave them away.

It was also in June that a new life dream came to Josh and me.  Now our shared goal in life is to become Royal Rosarians.  They are ambassadors of goodwill for the city of Portland, and have a love for pageantry.  We, too, are fond of goodwill and pageantry.  We have taken our first steps to drawing an invitation from the Rosarians by being in the Grand Floral Parade, and also I was on the Portland Society Page last week with the Red Cross.  Pageantry and  goodwill, folks.  This is happening.  We will look like this:

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Nike Athena said...

I cannot wait for you to be a Royal Rosarian.