Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quilty Catch Up Part 1

Since I found out that I was pregnant in July, I have finished four complete quilts, one top, cutting for another, and I have one more to plan.  None of these seven quilts are for us.  Don't worry, I'm making lots of other things for our little guy, and my mom has him covered (ha! quilt pun!) in the quilt department.

All these quilts can only mean that Baby Season is upon us!  They always seem to come in waves, don't they?  I kicked it off in October with quilts for a fellow resident's new baby girl and older daughter, who is now a proud big sister.

This is the one I made for three year old Amani:

Using Elizabeth Hartman's Sparkle Punch Quilt instructions, I made wonky stars from bright, exciting colors I thought a three-year-old girl might squeal over.  The purple even has silver sparkles in it, which just seemed to fit the name of the quilt pattern.

Then I experimented with gathering pieces to make this quilt for baby Winnie:

I gathered center strips for some of the blocks and matched some to their base fabrics, and mixed up the rest.  The gathers made the squares look a little crooked as I put them together, but were easily manipulated back into their proper shape.  Even though I was a little afraid it wouldn't come out very square, they all turned out nicely.

Now the Christensens are a happy family of four!

Oh, I thought Super Bowl Sunday was an appropriate time to start my crafty catch up posts.  As a sports fan, I tried to get into the game, but I just couldn't.  My football season reached its peak yesterday when Adrian Peterson was named MVP!

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