Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quilty Catch Up Part 4

Last Christmas I made a quilt for Mema and Pepa.  I may have said on the blog that it was the best quilt I'd ever made; but I forgot to take pictures of it before we boxed it up, so I couldn't prove it.

Well, we surprised Josh's parents and grandparents by showing up in Tulsa for Christmas this year, and I was happy to see that Mema and Pepa keep the quilt out in their living room!  Since they didn't know we were coming, I think that means they really liked it!  I snapped a couple photos on my phone to share.

You can see in the last picture that I fussy-cut the cream fabric on the border to better frame the blocks. I need to get better at planning block layout, though.  5x4 square quilts don't really allow for symmetry, so I remember agonizing over how to arrange the middle row so it would look good from any side.

I'm still hard at work on other folks' baby quilts, and am having a lot of fun playing with a variety of styles.  We're on vacation this week, and then it's my last week of work ever.  We'll see how things balance out after baby Reese comes and if I'll really end up with more creative time after all!

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Nike Athena said...

A lovely quilt indeed!