Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quilty Catch Up Part 3

This next quilt was made for Susannah Molinaro (Sue-Mo for short!).  For once, I was on track to finish a baby quilt before a due date, but Susannah decided to come a little early.  Then I waited for a dry day to take pictures of the quilt outside.  It's Oregon.  I waited a couple weeks.  But I was excited about the way the bright quilt looked outside on a grey day:

Although the fabrics made me think of fresh fruits for some reason, I quilted tulips on the squares.  For the border, I free handed some swirly, ribbon-like lines that followed the idea of the lines that connected the tulips.  I was pleasantly surprised at my success without using an image to trace!

I was also pleasantly surprised by this rose blooming in January.


Nike Athena said...

This may be my second favorite quilt I've seen you do! (The first being the one on your blog heading.)

Laura said...

I hope I can top them both when I make yours :)