Saturday, March 7, 2009

*Sigh* I guess I'll be productive instead

We had a brilliant plan yesterday. The weather was perfect, and I took the afternoon off so we could head down to Lawton to go minimalist backpacking with our friends. We were on our way to meet them when one by one they all backed out. To be fair, where we planned to camp was not exactly legal, and being caught is accompanied by hefty fines.
We still had perfect weather, and the time to do something, so we made a backup plan. Again, they all declined. So we took our sorry selves home, made plans to leave in the morning (just the two of us), and took our dog to the vet. Turns out her upper respiratory infection is allergies. Did you know you can just give your dog Benadryl?
Well, we woke up to 20mph winds today. Winds that will continue all day and bring thunderstorms. I just want to go backpacking. Stupid Oklahoma.

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RTQ said...

Pole sana (very sorry). Been there, done that. I hope that you get to go camping in the near future. I would love to go out with you all when I get back, maybe I can bring Patwick.