Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sigh of Relief

Josh brought home the perfect table yesterday from a thrift store down on 51st and Peoria. It is simply named "Thrift Store" with no apparent ties to those crazy stores that charge ridiculous prices. It sits next to a store whose name is equally clever: "Affordable." Just "Affordable," no nouns, just the adjective. Visiting it on Thursday proved the items therein, however, were not affordable. So, feeling lied to, we continued on to Thrift Store where we found our table for the desired price of $15.
The perfect table, by way of one small drawer, turned out to be the perfect desk. It still suits our purposes precisely, and is now on the back porch being covered in snow.


realolivegreen said...

AH! Jealous!!!

I found this bomb buffet...that i have no need for, but may go back and get because it's such a steal. Only $30! it's in perfect condition! AH! What to do!

RTQ said...

Yep, that table was made in Texas. I can already tell you that sister.