Sunday, August 29, 2010


I'm still here!  Aside from getting half my quilt blocks done for Juliette's baby quilt, we picked peaches for canning this week, and we picked a little bit of blackberries.  We only picked enough for two and a half cans of jam, which I made today.  I just wanted to check in and put up a single picture from our Europe trip before getting back to sewing.

I want to show off the very small bags we took with us!  It was incredibly handy to not have to check anything, nor to have to lug big bags on and off the many trains we took.  These are our backpacks lounging by the sea in Greece while we did the same.

Yes, that is all we had between the two of us for a month of travel.  I even had a fancy occasion dress for going out to dinner in Venice stuffed in mine.  As my sewing projects wind down, I'll post more pictures, I promise!

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