Friday, November 5, 2010

For the Birds

I have this thing for bird fabrics right now.  Or really any product with a bird silhouette.  Whenever I picture the sewing room I will one day have, it always has yellows, greens, and blues and birds, birds, birds.  I went to a "Handmade Holiday" open house at Modern Domestic and saw this:

I tried to be nonchalant about taking the picture on my phone, so it's kind of a rough photo, but you get the idea.  I think it's awesome and would be so easy to make!  It gave me something more to imagine in my future sewing room.

They also had cute appliqued stockings that looked like they would be fun to make with a group of friends:

Don't you wish you could just stay home and be crafty all day?  I certainly do!

1 comment:

nikeathena said...

I love birds and bird fabric. It kinda freaks the boy out. I have some cute pieces to put up in my sewing corner once we rearrange.