Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting There Is Half the Fun

We took a vacation.  We went to Tulsa for Thanksgiving and saw as many people as we could - it was a blast!  It was awesome from the very beginning, though. 
We took the Max to the airport, and I passed the time by finishing up the binding on a quilt.  This got the attention of a lady who has been quilting for more than 50 years, and we talked almost the whole way there.  She was the coolest!  She told me about how she used to live on the Baja peninsula with the natives there.  She lived in a teepee and was a midwife.  She said she was the hit of the neighborhood because she had a generator and therefore a fridge and a sewing machine. 
She also told me that she was allergic to an ingredient in anti-venoms and has unfortunately had several run-ins with poisonous creatures.  I was reminded once again how great Portlanders are when she told me about just having to wait out a brown-recluse bite that was "way crazier than any of the acid trips" she'd ever done.  Then she continued on talking about her loving husband, six kids, and grandkids.  Ahh, the quaint charm of Portland's elderly!

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