Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quilty Catch Up Part 2

The next quilt I made was for a graduated resident and her husband.  They decided not to find out what they were having until the baby was born.  But because of its parents, I knew that boy or girl, this baby would rock!

I was worried it might be too boyish, since it was heavy on the blue and green.  So Josh, in his professional medical opinion, suggested that I add some zebra print as the border.  I was once again impressed with his head for quilt design - I like the way the zebra turned out!  Once it was all together, I quilted some crazy lightning bolts on it, and we had a quilt fit for a future rock star.  With a future rock star name no less.  Odin McNeill, I'm especially happy with how your quilt turned out now that I know you're a boy!

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