Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Almost There

Well, we didn't go to Tulsa last weekend. So all that worrying and rushing were for naught. I did get almost all of it done though; I still have to go to Tmobile, which I'll do today.

I only have six more days at work. It's kind of sad. I started training my replacement this week, which means I have someone shadowing me all day, which means no blogging, blog-reading, or internet-surfing.

Nothing yet on a Tulsa job. It's just been tough interviewing and contacting people from OKC, and asking them to wait until June 9 to let me start. I figure it'll be nice to have a couple days to settle into the house and devote to the job search when we get back from Oregon. If nothing turns up after a while, Starbucks here I come!

And in case you were wondering, Josh and I had shark for dinner last night followed by some delicious chocolate mint brownies. It was tasty.

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