Thursday, May 8, 2008

Working for The Man

I had an interview yesterday with the Bank of Oklahoma. I think it went well, but I need to decide what I'll do if they choose to offer me the position. The people were nice, and I could definitely do the job, but I don't know how comfortable I would be with the change of environment. I like working in a small office; I don't know how I'd feel about working in a cubicle, at a corporation, for The Man.
Maybe the pay and benefits will help me make a decision. My loyalty and good attitude can be bought, I'm not ashamed to say it.


Josh R. said...

That's why I married you! That's also why I'll have to make a lot of money.

LB said...

In that case, you should let me buy you coffee at our favorite place pretty close to your new house.

Yes, a little part of me died when I started working for The Man. I've heard BOk is a great place to work, if it's any consolation!