Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our House Is A Very Very Very Fine House

What a weekend! We had quality help in both OKC and Tulsa, so thank you - everything went so quickly!
Saturday we got everything in the house and a lot of things put away. We even entertained that night. Well, we brought the only constructed chairs into the living room and had coffee among boxes, but it was fun!
Sunday we painted the TV room. It. Is. Yellow. We taped ourselves into the room and said we wouldn't leave until it was finished. Unfortunately it took a lot longer than we planned, and we started to go a little crazy. We had to cut our way out and take a break.
Monday we put together the last of the furniture and kind of organized everything. Things are mostly in place, we just have to put stuff on the walls and load up the attic.
It's exciting having a home! We have a place that people can drop by anytime, and our stuff looks so much better than it did in our retro-ghetto condo. Not to mention we have squirrels, birds, and rabbits that run around our yard - it is awesome.
I want to go back and live there right now. But first I have to finish work, then we can go to Chicago, then we can go to PORTLAND, and then we can finally call it home. Then you can come over.

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