Thursday, May 1, 2008

Downs and Ups

Yesterday was the big day - Closing Day. We had been in constant communication with our realtor and thought we had everything taken care of. We even had a load of stuff in the truck to drop off at our house once it became our house. We Reeses are on top of things.
Then at 12:30, with our closing scheduled for 2:00, as I am saying goodbye to my coworkers, one of them mentions the cashiers check.
The what? You mean we can't pay with a check of our own? Apparently this is common knowledge, gained by the experience of purchasing a home. Wait. This is our first home, that is why we have a realtor - to tell us things we wouldn't know offhand.
So I call our realtor, who says yes, we need a cashiers check, and she is working on getting the amount and will call me back. By 12:40 (cutting it a little close, aren't they?) I had received two phone calls telling me two different values for our check. One from the realtor, and one from the mortgage lender. So, we try to get to the bottom of this, as our chances of making it to closing on time are growing slimmer. Our realtor neglected to pass on addendums to the title company and mortgage lender with necessary information, like who is paying closing costs. After some lecturing from both sides about the others' failure, we get our hands on what we are told is the correct number. By the time we got our check and got to the meeting, it was 2:30, but everyone was just starting to be ushered into the conference room. All we missed was the waiting.
Ahh, that mess with the check is over... or is it? The paperwork we are signing has another amount on it. Arrgh, our confounded realtor! It worked out, as our cashiers check was made for a higher amount, they just gave us a refund for the difference.
Thanks to our realtor for helping ease the stress of buying a home.
On the plus side, we own a home now! Cheesy first-time-home-owners pictures to come.

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LB said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Where is the house located?