Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Unbelievable Afternoon

A couple weeks ago someone backed into our Sonoma. She left her information, so we were able to get it fixed. It was in the shop until yesterday, and I was driving a rental car (Chevy HHR = lame). I was headed home in that lame HHR yesterday afternoon when the first unbelievable thing happened. I was stopped at a red light behind a guy in an oooold Nissan sedan. This guy started letting his car roll backwards. I thought, "Surely, he will stop at an appropriate time." Then he got uncomfortably close, and continued to roll. I frantically honked my horn at him but to no avail, because sure enough, he rolled right into my rental. The guy didn't even notice and just kept going. Luckily, we were stopped at the next stoplight, where I pulled next to him and yelled out the window to get his attention. We pulled into a parking lot to examine the damage, but didn't see any (he hit it pretty lightly), so we went our separate ways. Josh and I returned the car an hour later with no problems. Whew, crisis averted.
Josh dropped me off with my shiny, repaired truck and I headed back to work. Two miles from the office, I was pulled over and given a $100 ticket for having expired tags. I had just discovered their expiration before taking it to the shop and had the truck in my possession for a total of 10 minutes with this knowledge. I was very polite, I explained to the officer that we had just moved to Tulsa and our reminder must have been sent to our old address, but I got a ticket nonetheless. I went and got new tags today, and I was penalized there too for having let my old ones expire.
I need some time with no car drama, please.

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RTQ said...

Listen. Go to my house, ask my mom for Cecile's keys, and drive Cecile for a while. She has a calming 1978 affect on people.