Thursday, April 23, 2009


Adelaide has another urinary tract infection. It's probably because of her food, so we're going to change her diet now that we know. In the meantime, she's taking an anti-inflammatory drug and an antibiotic. The sneaky, (relatively) little dog has been hiding her medicine! We just put the pills in her food so she'll gobble them up with the rest of it. But the other day Josh was walking across one of our shaggy rugs and found her medicine hidden in the shag. She took it out of her dish, carried it to our room, and hid it in the rug. I have to cover them in peanut butter now to entice her to eat them.

Also, our first iris bloomed this morning.

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RTQ said...

Oh, the things Josh and I have found hidden in the shag. You guys need a waterbed.