Sunday, April 12, 2009


I had a nice birthday. Josh had to work in the morning, but he was off by 2 and we got to spend the afternoon together. I was determined to only do things I really enjoy doing and to only eat things that I really like to eat. So, I had an english muffin for breakfast. I worked in the garden in the sunshine. I sewed. Josh and I went hiking and had wine and cheese (smoked Tillamook cheddar - the only kind of cheese) on a rock part way down a cliff. I ate dark chocolate. We went out for sushi and I had my favorite peppermint ice cream for dessert. I watched the Blazers play (and by "watched" I mean read the play-by-play online in real time). It was a very satisfying day.
This morning, however, was not satisfying. I made a cake to take to Josh's parents' for Easter dinner. And it had the nerve to stick in the pan. It was a nice cake, made from scratch and beat to fluffy perfection. Even though I greased that bundt pan, the top of the cake stayed in when the bottom came out. I couldn't take that unpresentable cake anywhere, so it is sitting in the fridge waiting for Keith who I'm sure won't mind it's haphazard state. I threw together a chocolate cake from a box to replace it and regretted getting so worked up about my failed cake because it's Easter. I mean, what's an ugly cake on the day we celebrate the resurrection, right? Perspective, Laura.
Speaking of Keith, I think Adelaide is excited he's coming. Because she understands, because she's awesome. We were putting together his room today, and making his bed. She insisted on putting her ratty stuffed cow by the pillow for him. She wanted him to feel at home, but I wouldn't let her leave it there. It's kind of yucky.

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RTQ said...

Yeah, Keith can have this one, but I call the next one please. From scratch, that's awesome. Glad you had a good B-day. Happiness on that.