Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This Gala Is Off the Hook!

Or, it's going to be. The Red Cross Red Carpet Gala in Tulsa will be complete with paparazzi, a jazz band, an auction, and heartwarming awards to heroic locals. Our Financial Development Department knows how to throw a party! And since I'm a part of it, I have responsibilities to help. I've been getting auction items, and I'm proud of myself so I wanted to share. I've got museum memberships, a photo session, pet training classes, a private party at a local venue, and other stuff in the works that may or may not include furniture, cosmetic procedures, and some trees. We'll see.
I do have a failure story that I want to share. I asked a local bakery (that will remain nameless) to donate something for our silent auction. I wrote a very nice letter in which I explained the purpose of the event and that a silent auction item must have a minimum value of $50. I even made some suggestions (a custom cake, a muffin a day for six months - a la Scrubs). In response, this inconsiderate bakery just mailed my letter back to me along with a coupon for a dozen donuts. Thanks. $7.50. Since they didn't meet the requirements I clearly outlined, the Financial Development office will be using this coupon on ourselves. Ha.

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